Turkish For Towels

Turkish For Towels

We have been asked many times over the years why we use Turkish cotton for our towels and robes as opposed to, say, Egyptian cotton. Both cottons are popular for bath products but after five decades we believe in Turkish cotton. Why? 

We like that Turkish cotton isn't just soft and ultra absorbent but is also quick drying. This means less of a chance of mildew or any offensive smells. We know that while the preferred way to hang a towel is on a rack, many bathrooms, especially small ones in New York City, only have a hook for a towel. Generally, the creases caused by hanging a towel from a hook as opposed to a bar are what can cause mildew buildup. But with Turkish cotton, the possibility of this is lowered significantly. 

We also sew a hanging loop onto every towel and robe we make because we really do understand that space is tight for many of our customers. And, who doesn't love a hanging loop? 

Finally, because they are quicker drying, they will take less time in the dryer, which means less energy consumption and faster folding.

We love Turkish cotton and you will too! 


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