How To Wash Your Down Comforter


Before washing, be sure to spot treat any stains that are on the shell of the comforter. This helps lift the stains and prep it for washing.

Be sure to wash your down comforter solo. Washing your down comforter with a pair of blue jeans is not a good idea. Zippers, buttons and even certain fabrics mixed together can cause abrasions, pilling and tears. That's why it's always suggested to sort your textiles. 



Detergent chemicals are hard on finer fabrics. Today's "extra strength" and  "new and improved" detergents are filled with chemicals and fragrances. Adding additional fabric softeners and stain removers helps clean and soften but generally at the fabric's expense. Detergents are also linked to damaging the environment. Instead, use a mild detergent.  Those free of dyes are even a better choice. 


Wash Settings

Wash your down comforter on a warm water setting. Hot water may damage the comforter and cold water will not clean it well.  Although not necessary, we recommend running the comforter through two rinse cycles to ensure that all of the soap has been washed out.



Dry the comforter in a large or extra-large dryer on low. It may take a couple of hours to dry but this will ensure that the down is completely dry, without harming the down filling. You want to make sure that the down is completely dry to prevent mold. 

It is very common for people to throw a few tennis balls in the dryer when drying their down. It helps the down fluff up as it dries. This prevents the down from clumping together.