Responsibly Sourced Down

At Downright, we have not only always taken pride in the quality of our down, but in our "No Fowl Play" policy which ensures that there is no "foul play" anywhere in our supply line.  For starters this means that absolutely not one goose is ever slaughtered for the sake of its down.  That's because our down originates from farms that raise ducks and geese for food, making the down a by-product, or a "leftover" of the food industry.  Additionally, we source our down exclusively from farms that treat their birds with the utmost care for their well being.  The birds are never live-plucked or force-fed, and they are afforded humane living conditions which allow them to live healthy lives and not suffer from any pain, fear or distress.

In order to provide our customer with the highest level of confidence that the geese we get our down from are well-protected, we utilize only RDS Certified goose down.  The RDS - Responsible Down Standard - is an independent, voluntary global standard, which was developed with the input of animal welfare groups, industry experts, brands and retailers - and recognizes the best practices in animal welfare.  The IDFL Laboratory and Institute is a global leader in filled textile testing and is home to the world's largest down and feather laboratory.  These two outside agencies conduct traceability audits that ensure the quality and origin of raw materials meet the highest possible standards.