Guide to Pillows

There are so many pillow choices, it can be overwhelming.  Laytners is here to help you pick your perfect pillow.


Soft, Medium, or Firm?

Your sleeping position helps determine how much support you need. 

  • People who spend most of the night sleeping on their stomachs need a softer pillow. Stomach sleepers only need the most gentle of support to allow their heads to sink to the right level. 
  • Many people sleep on their backs, or spend at least part of the night in that position. A pillow with medium support will help back sleepers to keep their head and neck aligned comfortably. 
  • People who sleep on their sides face the challenge of filling a larger gap between their head and shoulder. For this reason, side sleepers generally need a firm pillow.


What’s Inside?

Pillows can be filled with natural down or feathers, a synthetic fiber, or memory foam.

  • Down refers to the soft plumes taken from the underbelly of geese and ducks.   Feathers are stiffer than down, having the quills that provide a firmer support.  Feathers and down are resilient, can be re-fluffed, and provide a natural buoyancy.  A soft down pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers.  All of our down and feather pillows are certified to be sourced responsibly.  Read more here.
  • Down alternative fills are synthetic fibers made to mimic natural down. They are completely hypoallergenic, and easily washed.  A down alternative pillow can be filled to soft, medium, or firm densities.  Some down alternative pillows also feature a gusset around the side which helps the pillow to keep its shape.


Wisdom of the Ages

We've been selling pillows in our neighborhood stores for decades.  Our customers have told us what works for a great night's sleep.  Here are a few suggestions.

  • Most Popular:  Soft yet supportive, hypoallergenic, great for stomach/back sleepers

  • Natural Support:  Firm combination of feathers and down, great for side/back sleepers 

  • True Luxury:  Premium White Goose Down, available in Soft, Medium and Firm

  • Affordable Down:  A favorite for its gentle support, great for stomach/back sleepers


    Still have pillow questions?  We're here to help!  Email anytime.