A Linen Love Affair

A Linen Love Affair

At Laytner’s, we only weave and sell products that are soft, sustainable, and practical. Linen is all that and more. Derived from the environmentally friendly Belgian flax plant, linen is light, airy, and incredibly soft. It also never pills which means, if our 100% Belgian linen duvet cover is properly cared for, it can last as long as you. Or longer. Swatches of 5,000 year old linen were recently found in a cave near the Dead Sea.

Linen is a bit more expensive than other bedding because of the painstaking process that goes into creating linen fabric as well as the extra care that flax plants require. Linen is very strong but brittle, which makes working with the thin flax strands labor intensive. And, flax plants need extra care because, well, they just do. But, when done correctly, the harvesting, stripping and weaving of flax into linen creates the softest, most durable 100% Belgian linen ladder hemstitch sheet set you can find. At Laytner’s, we believe in paying a bit more for quality items that last. It’s better for your wallet, the environment, and your sense of self.  

Weather note- Unlike linen clothing, when it comes to bedding, all of our linen bedding, including our 100% Belgian linen self-hem sheet set, is perfect for all seasons.

Fun fact- Mummies were wrapped in linen, as it represented light, air and wealth in ancient Egypt. You too can feel like a rich mummy in our linen sheets and duvet covers.


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