Meet the Guy Who Makes Our Blankets: Ron Chereskin

Meet the Guy Who Makes Our Blankets: Ron Chereskin

Fresh cotton blankets are one of life’s simple pleasures. They are an easy and practical way to refresh any bedroom and they are fun to use as layers as they effortlessly add a pop of color and warmth to any bed. I was so excited when I saw the new 100% cotton blankets that we are offering this season at Laytner’s Linen & Home, I actually tracked down the designer Ron Chereskin to ask him about his new collection:

Hey Ron, What is your inspiration for this latest collection?

"For the sweater throws, well as you know, I was an apparel designer (and I still am) and I started off as a sweater designer. So it was very obvious to me to really use my sweater design abilities and my color sense to do sweater blankets and throws. I think sweater throws are great accessories because they are an accent, plus they are very comfortable and soft to the touch, so people love them. "

How did you originally make the transition from designing apparel into designing bedding?
"From a phone call (laughter)! Actually Jean-Claude Weil who is my agent currently called me and we did something together four five years ago that didn’t work, maybe the timing wasn’t right, who knows? But then we met AQ Textiles (a wholesale company here in NYC) and they were ready to do something more modern and more youthful. So he took the chance on me, and low and behold my concept and my whole theory worked.

I wanted to do something much different than the market. They don’t need me for little lady florals. I was going to do bedding that was more graphic because I was a graphic artist before I even got into apparel. I was a magazine illustrator, got discovered, got into apparel, and that’s how I’m here now designing blankets. So, you never know where life is going to take you."
I love that! Based on your experience in so many different fields, from your point of view how has bedding changed or evolved in the last ten years?
"I mean there is still the traditional customer out there, but there are also millennials who are out there who are looking for alternatives. And that’s where I found my niche. I take a more graphic approach.

I’m an American artist who is using my knowledge and color sense, and addressing a whole new element of home fashion.  So I’ve been trying it. I’ve been trying it a lot. Working with fabrics is very inspiring. When I see my one of my designs three by five feet, it’s exciting! So I’m enjoying it. And I think there is a great future in home fashions. People care about where they live. It’s an exciting time. "