Boho Chic: 4 Ways You Can Count on Kantha Throws

Boho Chic: 4 Ways You Can Count on Kantha Throws

Kantha throws and blankets are quilted from reclaimed vintage one-of- a-kind Indian Sari shawl fabrics.
They are unique works of art with 2 pieces of distinctive and colorful fabric sewn together with hundreds of singular hand stitches. Meaning, no two blankets or throws are the same, and when I said colorful, I'm talking vibrant color!

Check out all the different things you can do with our Kantha below, and get creative
Beach Blanket

Accessorize lazy beach days with a pop of color from your Kantha. It’s soft on the body and sand shakes off of it easily. 


I recently had a dinner party and transformed my dusty, wood picnic table into an elegant and chic table setting using my Kantha as a tablecloth.
Bed Covering 

And of course, don’t forget your bed! Kantha throws and blankets simultaneously spruce up any bedroom and keep you warm and cozy as you drift to sleep.

Chair Cover

That old plastic lawn chair you have? Throw a Kantha over it to go from cheap to boho-chic. Your guests will wonder where you got it from!