1. Meet the Guy Who Makes Our Blankets: Ron Chereskin

    Meet the Guy Who Makes Our Blankets: Ron Chereskin

    Fresh cotton blankets are one of life’s simple pleasures. They are an easy and practical way to refresh any bedroom and they are fun to use as layers as they effortlessly add a pop of color and warmth to any bed. I was so excited when I saw the new 100% cotton blankets that we are offering this season at Laytner’s Linen & Home, I actually tracked down the designer Ron Chereskin to ask him about his new collection:

    Hey Ron, What is your inspiration for this latest collection?

    "For the sweater throws, well as you know, I was an apparel designer (and I still am) and I started off as a sweater designer. So it was very obvious to me to really use my sweater design abilities and my color sense to do sweater blankets and throws. I think sweater throws are great accessories because they are an accent, plus they are very comfortable and soft to the touch, so people love them. "

    How did you originally make the transition from designing apparel into designing bedding?
    "From a phone call (laughter)! Actually Jean-Claude Weil who is my agent currently called me and we did something together four five years ago that didn’t work, maybe the timing wasn’t right, who knows? But then we met AQ Textiles (a wholesale company here in NYC) and they were ready to do something more modern and more youthful. So he took the chance on me, and low and behold my concept and my whole theory worked.

    I wanted to do something much different than the market. They don’t need me for little lady florals. I was going to do bedding that was more graphic because I was a graphic artist before I even got into apparel. I was a magazine illustrator, got discovered, got into apparel, and that’s how I’m here now designing blankets. So, you never know where life is going to take you."
    I love that! Based on your experience in so many different fields, from your point of view how has bedding changed or evolved in the last ten years?
    "I mean there is still the traditional customer out there, but there are also millennials who are out there who are looking for alternatives. And that’s where I found my niche. I take a more graphic approach.

    I’m an American artist who is using my knowledge and color sense, and addressing a whole new element of home fashion.  So I’ve been trying it. I’ve been trying it a lot. Working with fabrics is very inspiring. When I see my one of my designs three by five feet, it’s exciting! So I’m enjoying it. And I think there is a great future in home fashions. People care about where they live. It’s an exciting time. " 

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  2. Boho Chic: 4 Ways You Can Count on Kantha Throws

    Boho Chic: 4 Ways You Can Count on Kantha Throws

    Kantha throws and blankets are quilted from reclaimed vintage one-of- a-kind Indian Sari shawl fabrics.
    They are unique works of art with 2 pieces of distinctive and colorful fabric sewn together with hundreds of singular hand stitches. Meaning, no two blankets or throws are the same, and when I said colorful, I'm talking vibrant color!

    Check out all the different things you can do with our Kantha below, and get creative
    Beach Blanket

    Accessorize lazy beach days with a pop of color from your Kantha. It’s soft on the body and sand shakes off of it easily. 


    I recently had a dinner party and transformed my dusty, wood picnic table into an elegant and chic table setting using my Kantha as a tablecloth.
    Bed Covering 

    And of course, don’t forget your bed! Kantha throws and blankets simultaneously spruce up any bedroom and keep you warm and cozy as you drift to sleep.

    Chair Cover

    That old plastic lawn chair you have? Throw a Kantha over it to go from cheap to boho-chic. Your guests will wonder where you got it from!
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  3. For the Love of Bedding and Botany (My Dad’s Two Favorite Things)

    For the Love of Bedding and Botany (My Dad’s Two Favorite Things)

    For the Love of Bedding and Botany

    My Dad’s Two Favorite Things


    My sisters and I always joke that in another life my dad, (CEO and Creative Director for Laytner’s Linen & Home) would have been a botanist. I can’t count the number of times he dragged us to a greenhouse or a nursery to smell, touch and look at the different plants. I grew up understanding two things: quality bedding can enhance one’s life; and spending your free time around flowers and greenery helps keep energy on the up.

    Floral bedding can sometimes get a bad rap. It’s been around for a while- to some, it might seem stodgy or stale.  But let me tell you, floral linens are coming back in a fierce way! It’s been joyful to witness my dad combine two of his passions, bedding and botany, and it’s been fun to refresh my own bedroom with some of our soft and durable floral linens.

    Check out some of the inspiration for our floral bedding below, and if you love gardening or being outside connected to nature, some of these linens might be flowery fits for you ;)


    Sprig Sheet and Duvet Sets


    Our corporate office is actually located right near the Flower District in Manhattan, so during those stressful moments at work, many of my colleagues and I will pop out to literally smell the plants, herbs and flowers located right down the street. It helps us slow down and remember that there is more to life than some spreadsheet or upcoming promotion.

    Personally, I always re-enter the office with a sense of clarity and renewed calm.

    The sprigs on these sheet and duvet sets are inspired by rosemary, cilantro and parsley herbs. They are super soft and pair well with one of our cotton blankets or quilts to provide a little bit of nature to your bed environment.   



    Toile Sheet and Duvet Sets PLUS Quilts

    Our Toile Sheet Sets, Duvet Sets and Quilts are among some of my favorite pieces of bedding at Laytner’s. Our Toile de Jouy is designed from vintage French fabrics with floral clusters in a finely etched design that add sophistication to your bed - very Tres Chic.




    Our Toile Quilt Sets are made with the elegant 'Plaza' stitch pattern.  The quilt and shams reverse to the complimenting 'Broken Bamboo Stripe' pattern - giving you two designs in one! There are two tie-closures on the back of the shams, making for a very stylish and bring a modern perspective on a classic design.


    Daisy Sheet and Duvet Sets

    These Daisy Sheet and Duvet Sets take a modern twist on a classic retro design. I have to admit, my favorite flowers has always been the daisy. It adds a sense of playfulness and simple joy to any bedroom.

    There’s a quote I love from Lady Bird Johnson (President Lyndon Johnson’s wife):

    “When flowers bloom, so does hope”

    Add some optimism to your life with these daisy sheets – they are soft and gentle, and a great reminder of what’s important in life.


    Our Selection of Floral Duvet Cover Sets

    Our selection of floral duvet cover sets is so exciting. We have several designs of bedding with different flowers from all over the world.

    From our Spring Blossom Duvet Cover Set that has flowers you might see in Central Park, to our Sakura Duvet Cover Set, which portray Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

    This collection will keep your bed soft and cozy and make your bedroom feel like an enchanted garden!


    Vintage Indian One of a Kind Kantha Throw


    Our Vintage Kantha Throws are probably the most special pieces we carry at Laytner’s.  Each throw is quilted from reclaimed vintage one-of-a-kind Indian Sari shawl fabrics. Piecing 2 fabrics together with hundreds of hand stitches, each piece becomes a unique work of art. Our Kantha throws have many uses, such as blankets, curtains, tablecloths, furniture covers, bedspreads - almost anywhere that you want to add a custom handmade look. They are 100% Cotton and most of them have flowers on them, so they are great for bringing a little bit of outside, inside.






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  4. ThrowbackThursday: Laytner's Remembers the Old Neighborhood!

    ThrowbackThursday: Laytner's Remembers the Old Neighborhood!

    Vintage Photos of the Upper West Side & Upper East Side
    Laytner's Linen & Home has been serving the NYC community for over 50 years. Sit down with your Mom and take a trip down memory lane with us. Classic photos for Classy Moms!
    NW corner of 82nd Street & Broadway, The Schuyler Theatre - Circa 1928.
    Now Barnes and Noble!
    Broadway at 81st Street, facing North. Circa 1910
    NW Corner of Broadway and 86th Street. Circa 1935Now-a-days, you can find the entrance to the 1 train, Banana Republic, and Gristedes on this very corner.
    Third Ave @ 86th Street. 1530 Third Ave. Circa 1932. Now home to Papaya Dog and Piazza Pizza. 
    Lexington Ave @ 86th Street (East Side of Street) Circa 1937.  
    Broadway @ 84th Street. House in which Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Raven. Date Unknown.
    West End Avenue @ 81st Street (right), showing four of the five frame shacks at this location. Date Unknown.
    79th Street & Broadway. Date Unkown.
    Riverside Drive btwn 82nd & 83rd Street. Circa 1911.
    86th Street between Second and Third Ave,home of our UES Laytner's location! Date Unknown
    East 86th Street, between Third and Second Avenues. Circa 1929.
    Second Avenue btwn 85th & 86th Streets, showing the German delicatessen. Circa 1930.
    All photos are provided by New York Public Library. Check out their cool resource for vintage photos, documents, and archives of New York City.
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