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I am Alan Laytner and I’d like to thank you for stopping by our website that bears my family name. My parents, two Eastern European Holocaust survivors started Laytner’s Linen & Home as a retail store, nearly sixty years ago on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

My dad started teaching me about fabrics when I was turning 13 – I needed a suit. We went downtown to the Lower East Side where the cutting shops (open to the public on Sundays) sold suits and I remember him looking at me with both shock and disgust because I wanted a Super Fly double knit polyester suit (circa 1972). "You are getting tropical 100% wool” he said, “it’s light, it breathes easy and it drapes well. Most importantly, it will last you forever.” Thus started an interest in fabrics that became a 40 year passion of sourcing and selling  high quality home textiles.

It has always been my passion to provide high quality product at affordable prices. From our classic 600 thread-count signature sheets to our fine and durable Belgian linens, our company offers the kind of really nice stuff that we'd put in our own homes: smart, sophisticated yet always comfortable and practical.

As we’ve always said at Laytner’s, who you sleep with is your business, what you sleep on is ours. 

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